Theoretical Computer Science Group at UIC

At UIC, the mathematical computer science group in the department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS) and the departments of Computer Science (CS) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) are home to a lively theory presence. Our unique structure helps facilitate regular collaborations between the theory faculty and a diverse number of both computer scientists and mathematicians.


The department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science is seeking applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor to join the mathematical computer science group. Please see the job posting for more details.

Theory faculty

Yu Cheng
Assistant Professor, MSCS
machine learning theory, algorithmic game theory, optimization
Bhaskar DasGupta (lab site)
Professor, CS
computational biology, computational geometry, combinatorial algorithms
Ian Kash
Associate Professor, CS
economics and computation
Mesrob Ohannessian
Assistant Professor, ECE
machine learning theory, fairness, information theory
Will Perkins
Assistant Professor, MSCS
randomness in computation
Lev Reyzin
Associate Professor, MSCS
computational and statistical learning theory, graph algorithms
Anastasios Sidiropoulos
Associate Professor, CS
computational geometry, optimization, algorithmic graph theory, computational complexity
Robert Sloan
Professor and Head, CS
algorithms and complexity for AI, computational learning theory
Xiaorui Sun
Assistant Professor, CS
algorithmic graph theory, massively parallel computing, machine learning theory
György Turán
Professor, MSCS
theory of commonsense reasoning, complexity theory, computational learning theory

Current students and postdocs

Nazanin Azarhooshang, Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Diego Ihara Centurion, Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Tanima Chatterjee, Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Karine Chubarian, Ph.D. student in Mathematics
Stoyan Dimitrov, Ph.D. student in Mathematics
Shelby Heinecke, Ph.D. student in Mathematics
Wenyu Jin, Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Neshat Mohammadi, Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Prithviraj Sengupta, Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Mingquan Ye, Ph.D. student in Computer Science

Ph.D. and postdoc alumni

Mano Vikash Janardhanan, Ph.D. Mathematics 2019
Farzane Yahyanjead, Ph.D. Computer Science 2019
Nasim Mobasheri, Ph.D. Computer Science 2018
Sam Cole, Ph.D. Mathematics 2018
Benjamin Fish, Ph.D. Mathematics 2018
Yi Huang, Ph.D. Mathematics 2017
Li Wang, Mathematics postdoc 2015-2017
Ádám Lelkes, Ph.D. Mathematics 2017
Venkatkumar Srinivasan, Ph.D. Computer Science 2017
Jeremy Kun, Ph.D. Mathematics 2016
Lakshmi Kaligounder, Ph.D. Computer Science 2014
Dimitris Diochnos, Ph.D. Mathematics 2013
Despina Stasi, Ph.D. Mathematics 2012
Rajmonda Sulo Caceres, Ph.D. Mathematics 2012
Mo Deng, Ph.D. Mathematics 2011
Marina Langlois, Ph.D. Computer Science 2010
Mechie Nkengla, Ph.D. Mathematics 2010
Nicole Pitcher, Ph.D. Mathematics 2009
Vladimir Trifonov, Mathematics postdoc 2007-2008
Changchuan Yin, Ph.D. Mathematics 2005
Ken Takata, Ph.D. Mathematics 2004
Thomas Messerges, Ph.D. Computer Science 2000
Terrance Mankus, Ph.D. Mathematics 1999
Irene Tsapara, Ph.D. Mathematics 1997
Farrokh Vatan, Ph.D. Mathematics 1996
Siu-Leung Chung, Ph.D. Mathematics 1991
William Bultman, Ph.D. Mathematics 1991
Ajay Gupta, Ph.D. Mathematics 1991
Walter Kirchherr, Ph.D. Mathematics 1988
Martin Dietzfelbinger, Ph.D. Mathematics 1987


theoretical computer science seminar
graduate student theoretical computer science seminar

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MSCS graduate admissions: make sure to list MCS as an area of interest.
CS graduate admissions: make sure to mention theory as an area of interest.
ECE graduate admissions: make sure to statistics or infomation theory as an area of interest.

We thankfully acknowledge generous support from the National Science Foundation.

last updated: 11/16/2019